AVVPSI School was established in the year 2018 and since then it has achieved many milestones. After every successful endeavor the school introspects and restructures its pedagogical and infrastructural resources to equip the students with best teaching practices aiming child-centric education.

The three essential pillars of the school are the Pre-Primary wing, CBSE Wing and the Cambridge Wing which are supported by the visionary management, a team of passionate teachers, enthusiastic learners and dedicated admin staff.


Our Facilities


Class Room


Art and Craft

Music and Dance

Sports Facilities

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What they say…

“ The wonderful Avvpsi School team will produce responsible citizens from this school. ”

- Dr. Malathi K Holla , International para athlete from India

“ Avvpsi School believes that education is acquiring life skills and not mere qualification. ”

- R.K Padmanabha, The vocalist maestro

“ It’s encouraging to see the Avvpsi School soccer team so passionate and diligent with the sport. ”

- Pedro Miguel Pauleta, Portuguese footballer