About Avvpsi School

Avvpsi School is a progressive learning community with a strong supportive system encouraging teachers to meet the diverse needs of the individual student. We provide a positive, safe and stimulating environment where we believe children have diverse skills and different learning abilities and support their individualistic needs and interests.

At Avvpsi, we believe that the goal of Education is to empower students with an ability to use their knowledge and skills to improve their personal and professional lives; positively influence and change the life of others; and make their community and world a better place. Complete Education combines analytical and conceptual skills like science and mathematics; logical thinking; technical skills; artistic skills like literature, creativity; and personality skills like confidence, discipline, dedication, humanity and empathy. For a complete education, we focus on building children’s confidence, creativity and analytical skills to empower them with an ability to use the knowledge they have received from curriculum content. Knowledge without a purpose is a futile effort.


Create educational institutions that are center of excellence in K-12 education offering stress-free learning environment for children and contributing to their holistic development.


Create tomorrow’s global citizens by inculcating the universal values of teamwork, respect, responsibility, ethics, empathy and service and providing an integrated learning environment that facilitates intellectual, social and physical development